Kitesurfing in Naxos

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Beginner to advanced we got you covered

At the beginning, you will learn flying the kite on the beach with your qualified instructor until you feel confident to proceed to our radio assisted deep water plan. If you feel rusty, tailor-made refresher courses are available for you.

Our lessons are taught privately, semi-privately or in a group. All students are provided with the latest kitesurfing gear, wetsuits, harnesses, impact vests and helmets.

Safety comes first. Your safety is our biggest concern, you don’t have to be worried during your lesson, a rescue boat is always stand by. All the instructors are certified by IKO and by the end of all your lessons you will receive the official IKO student card that certifies your level.

Our lessons are designed to prepare you to be a fully independent rider. Your instructor will take you through each stage of learning at your own pace. Our teaching system is divided into three primary sections.

We are highly professional in our mission to create the ultimate kitesurfing experience in Naxos, combined with the authentic local Greek hospitality. Our absolute goal is to make you fall in love with the sport and make you want to travel with us again and again…
Kite Control

At first you will start on the beach. In this step, you will learn about wind principles, safety procedures, to set up the kite and how to fly the kite.
After having a good control you will pass to the following level.

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It is time to go into the water. Using the kite principles that you learnt in your first lesson, you will now use the kite to drag your body through the water. You will learn other core skills such as launching and landing, board recovery and water safety.


It is kite time. After you understand the principles and you are in good control of the kite, it is time to get on the board. This may be trickier than you originally imagined, but it is all fun and once you have done it; there is not better feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

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Private Lesson

*1 person with 1 instructor, all gear included


Per Person

Semi-Private Lesson

*2 person with 1 instructor, all gear included


Per Person

Group Lesson

*3-4 person with 1 instructor, all gear included


Per Person

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